New to Astrology. Learn from Post 1. There are no Shortcuts. இத்தளத்திற்கு நீங்கள் புதிதாக இருந்தால், பதிவு 1'லிருந்து முழுமையாக‌ படியுங்கள். ஜோதிடத்தை எளிதில் கற்க‌ இயலாது.

Free Astrology Report

For free full computer generated report

email your 
name, gender,
Date of birth,
Time of birth,
Place of birth.

[email protected]

Pdf's will be emailed in English and Tamil Language.
Note: Those are software generated report only. Not analysed or seen or written by me or any other astrologer. Just horoscope charts and general computation and prediction of planets will be present.

Sample Reports full:
English : Download
Tamil : Download

Sample Matchmaking Report full:
English : Download
Tamil : Download

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