New to Astrology. Learn from Post 1. There are no Shortcuts. இத்தளத்திற்கு நீங்கள் புதிதாக இருந்தால், பதிவு 1'லிருந்து முழுமையாக‌ படியுங்கள். ஜோதிடத்தை எளிதில் கற்க‌ இயலாது.


"Any repeated Prayer to Gods with True Love and dedication is a Mantra" 
- Karthik. R

(Will be updated soon, still incomplete)

    As I am from Tamil Nadu, which is the present land of temples of whole world after ancient Egypt. I was born and raised in Tamil hindu tradition.

   Regarding Mantra: mantra are sounds (beeja) syllables which attract or work with cosmos and us. Every word or sound we utter has is own cause and effect, that is why elders use to say speak less and with careful tone. Arthur Avalon aka Sir John Woodroffe in his work "Garland of Letters" has explained a lot about mantra.

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