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Regarding Mantra: 

                    Mantra are sounds (beeja) syllables which attract or work with cosmos and us. Every word or sound we utter has is own cause and effect, that is why elders use to say speak less and with careful tone. Arthur Avalon aka Sir John Woodroffe in his work "Garland of Letters" has explained a lot about mantra. Mantra will have its full potential for those who chant only after hearing it from a Guru.

If someone still wants to chant without hearing/deeksha from a Guru, one should avoid syllable Om before any mantra and chant remaining.

Any single mantra chanted over 100k times (108 or 1008 times gradually day by day) will show the effect. For ex., 51 days consecutive 1008 times daily morning and everning.

51 x 2 x 1008 = 1 Lakh Recitations

It should be chanted with firm heart, devotion to respective God and Guru Bhakti(here Guru meaning the Guru from whom you got deeksha or the Guru who first brought/discovered/said the mantra for the first time for ex., Gayatri Mantra first uttered/composed by Sage Viswamitra). 

Regarding Devotional Sloka/Hymn/Song:

                      Devotional hymns unlike mantra are poems/kavi sang by humans like us but elevated spiritual souls who by worshiping their Kula Devata or Ishta Devata after a certain period of living a normal life like everyone. Mostly in the southern part of India mostly in Tamil Language and Sanskrit, there lived several devotees who after a period of their materialistic life devoted their whole time to sing songs on their beloved God forms.

Their life teachings and experiences are still glory to hear to till this date. Some of those songs still have power to heal and cure any kind of disease and troubles that human may face in life. Some those hymns are given below as mantra cannot be chanted by everyone due to certain conditions whereas sloka/hymns/songs can be sung or read by anyone.

Sriman Narayaneeyam
by Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiri sung at Guruvayoor Temple

Cure for all Bodily Ailments

अस्मिन् परात्मन् ननु पाद्मकल्पे
त्वमित्थमुत्थापितपद्मयोनि: ।
अनन्तभूमा मम रोगराशिं
निरुन्धि वातालयवास विष्णो ॥

அஸ்மின் பராத்மன் நனு பாத்மகல்பே
த்வமிதமுத்தாபித பத்மயோனிஹி
அனந்த பூமா மம ரோக ராஷிம்
நிருந்தி வாதாலய வாச விஷ்ணோ

Asmin Paraathman Nanu Paadmakalpe
Thvamithamutthaapitha Padmayonihi I
Anantha Bhoomaa Mama Roga Raashim,
Nirundhi Vaathaalaya Vaasa Vishno. II

Kalyana Thirupugazh

Recited by prospective brides to get married without delay

நீலங்கொள் மேகத்தின் ...... மயில்மீதே
நீவந்த வாழ்வைக்கண் ...... டதனாலே
மால்கொண்ட பேதைக்குன் ...... மணநாறும்
மார்தங்கு தாரைத்தந் ...... தருள்வாயே

வேல்கொண்டு வேலைப்பண் ...... டெறிவோனே
வீரங்கொள் சூரர்க்குங் ...... குலகாலா
நாலந்த வேதத்தின் ...... பொருளோனே
நானென்று மார்தட்டும் ...... பெருமாளே.

Neelang kol megaththin ...... mayilmeedhe
Nee vandha vazhvaik ...... kandadhanale
Maal konda pedhaikkun ...... mananaarum
Mar thangu thaaraith thandh ...... arulvaaye

Vel kondu velaip pand ...... erivone
Veerang kol soorarkkung ...... kulakaala
Naal andha vedhaththin ...... porulone
Naa endru mrr thattum ...... Perumale

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