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Tuesday 17 September 2013

What is HoroScience ?

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Horo means Hour. Science means systematic way to prove a theoretical and practical source right or wrong. Thus HoroScience is here to prove both theoretically and practically whether the Time is good or bad. What? Time, you may ask. Well, it is your Time, my Time, Time of people around us and also time of country, continent and world itself. Is Today going to be good or bad. What about Tomorrow and What about past struggling days that were the worst Time one might have ever faced in their lives.
Time is an important factor. Science call it the 4th dimension. HoroScience blog is here to discuss, teach, understand and research the concept of time through the age old Science of Astrology. Predicting ones future is 100% possible but not in modern times. This is due to our misunderstanding of Time. Astrology is a pure science. A tool which helps in understanding the path of human life that are super past (previous birth), past, present, future and super future (next birth).
In order to make predictions about the life of a person through astrology by delineating the position of planets and drawing a horoscope, one should provide the exact time of birth to the astrologer or whoever does it. The exact time of birth of any person should be mentioned in hours minutes and seconds. Many of us fail to note down one’s birth time in seconds for over a few decades. This is due to lack of knowledge, awareness and being skeptic towards this divine science astrology.  
The exact time of birth of the child is when the new born child takes his/her first breath inwards. That particular precise moment of time should be written down by the doctor or whoever is in charge for that at the time of delivery. Two cases are here. One, many Indian vedic astrology researchers speak about normal delivery, Cesarean delivery and forceps where the chances of writing down wrong time is likely, which means the differences in seconds will heavily show effect in any astrologers prediction for the concerned person who asks about a life reading. Two, the time showing device like watch or clock should be exact in the hospital.
Due to above scenarios a person will 99.99% fail to give his correct time of birth and the astrologer will predict for someone else who is born close to his ward in hospital or in the neighborhood  This is point where a person criticizes astrology and astrologers for predicting wrong about his life.
HoroScience blog welcomes all astrologers, researchers, students and for those who are curious to re-discover the lost scientific methods of horoscope reading.

-Karthik. R

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